The venue area of The Bartlett has been specifically designed to sound and feel great for the performer, the tech crew and the audience. The goal has been to make a space that bands love to play in, techs love to run sound in and audiences love to watch in. Here are some facts about the space.

  • The capacity of the venue is 150 standing room.
  • Stage is roughly 14′ x 17′ with an angled front, 27″ high, with 4′ wide load-in stairs from the back.
  • Backstage load-in is away from public and lockable to keep personal items secure.
  • Main room is about 1200 sq ft, 46′ x 26′ with built in bench seating along the sides.
  • Built in merch and sound areas are designed to be functional and unobtrusive to the rest of the room.
  • We offer a shared green room directly off the back of the stage that doubles as a load in area.

Check out the venue floor plan here: Venue Floorplan


Soundcraft SI Expression 3 (32 Channels, 16 returns, 4 Lexicon FX processors, BSS dynamics on all channels)

System is 4-way
2 custom built line array cabinets per side
4 custom built dual 15″ subwoofers hidden under stage

Over 20,000 total wattage to mains
2 x QSC PLX3602
4 x QSC PLX2502
2 x QSC PLX1802

1 x DBX Driverack 260


Monitors run from FOH

4 x Yamaha powered DSR112
1 x Yamaha powered DSR115 drum fill

All monitors on discrete mixes


1 x Shure  Beta 52
4 x Shure SM57
6 x Shure SM58
2 x Audio Technica AT2021
2 x Sennheiser E609
4 x Sennheiser E604

10 x DR Pro Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom
5 x DR Pro Low Profile Mic Boom Stand
2 x Dual Radial Pro Direct Box
2 x Radial Pro Direct Box


Lights controlled from FOH mix position.
8 x Par 56 Cans downstage bar, in 4 pairs
2 x Elation RGB LED color fills, upstage bar
5 x RGBW LED color fills, upstage bar
Elation Trio 1248 controller

All stage and audio power is on a dedicated 100amp panel separate from lights and other equipment.